Running a Home Staging Business

Have you been considering starting a home staging business but do not know quite where to get started? Running a business like this can be rather difficult if you do not know where to get started and what all is involved. There are a few different things that will benefit you to know whether you […]


Informations About Home Staging

Home staging will be the method of setting up a home to give it universal buyer appeal. Home staging is not meant to be confused with decorating or interior design. Home staging requires all of that kind of stuff and even more. It’s a huge undertaking which requires the assistance of all family members. And […]


Top Ten Reasons to Home Stage in Central Florida and Orlando

Gone are the days you could simply put a listing on the market and receive multiple offers in hours. But even with this crazy market homes are still selling IF they are (a) priced correctly and (b) look their absolute best. You and your real Estate agent can set the fair price based on the […]